2015-06-19 07:50 am
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I don't post here. I do post in flaneurs sometimes. Note that older entries have lost their images.

1b - The bus of St George - challenge 1b
Small buses with letters - challenge 3a

You Look Lost! - challenge 3e
IIa ish - challenge 2a (ish)
IIIa 2016 version - challenge 3a


IIIA with a hint of B - challenge 3a and challenge 3b
New job - new bit of London!! - challenge 3a (ish)

The anti-commute - challenge 3a
Year of the bus - challenge 1c

Flanerie 3D - challenge 3d
Flan 2A - challenge 2a
10 Stops of the C10 - challenge 1d
2012-05-02 05:08 pm


I'm not sure I'm ever going to use this thing. If you want me I'm on twitter @secretlondon.

I am aware that I miss out on cool stuff by never checking here. Please tell me about cool stuff!
2010-05-18 12:04 am

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I'm here even less than Live Journal. I could/should use this to write a blog or something deep and meaningful but I'm now Money Rich (ish) and Time Poor (very). I used to be Time Rich and Very Poor with a bad Wikipedia addiction and daily LJ updates . Now it's twitter all the way!

Find me here - http://twitter.com/secretlondon